Popslide PRO 1

Popslide PRO

Popslide PRO is the best way to make your Popslide even cooler! Here are its features.

Better cookie

Popslide PRO 2

Why would you need such option? In case you change the Popslide content you want your visitors to react to this content immediately, not after a month! By changing the cookie to something else they will see the Popslide again, even if they saw it yesterday.


Better color picker

But there is also a better color picker which will allow you to set a transparency for Popslide background, font, and close button.

Popslide PRO 3


We sell support separately, because we believe in fair pricing.

Support product will be added to your cart when you add any other product, but you can remove it anytime.

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You can save $19.00 because the Support is sold separately
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