Advanced Cron Manager PRO 1

Advanced Cron Manager PRO

It’s your go-to solution to view all events in WP-Cron and gain full control over them!

  • ✔ Edit, add, reschedule, and remove WP-Cron events and schedules freely
  • ✔ Get all the insights you need
  • ✔ Save time with bulk actions
  • ✔ Benefit from the advanced debugging tool


WordPress Cron Manager

It’s a comprehensive plugin we developed to help you see, understand, and modify almost anything going on in your WP-Cron system. Discover the main features of this plugin:

Cron events management

Add new events along with their arguments, get all the details of existing events, reschedule/pause them, and even remove them if needed – all within one dashboard!

Schedule management

Cron events are scheduled at recurring intervals, but ACM enables you to view, add, edit, and remove not just events but also schedules registered in your WP-Cron.

In-depth insights

Nothing will ever slip your attention. All the data and details you need are right there for you. You can also integrate your manager with the Notification plugin to get instant email notifications in case of a failed event.

Alerts about warnings and errors

Advanced Cron Manager helps you to catch all WP Cron fatal errors, warnings, notices, and delays (in milliseconds!)

Comprehensive view

Now you have all events and schedules in one place, available within one intuitive dashboard.

Bulk actions

You don’t need to edit events manually; thanks to bulk actions, you can easily modify, remove, or add multiple events at once.

Not enough? Upgrade to the PRO version!

PRO is the most powerful version of our Advanced Cron Manager. We’ve made it specifically for the most advanced WordPress users who want to maintain full control over what’s going on in their WordPress systems and servers. The PRO version gives you access to five more handy tools:

    • Cron Logger: It enables you to log cron’s execution times hassle-free
    • Events rescheduling: With it, you can freely change the given event’s next execution date to your control server load
    • Error catcher: Helps you quickly spot cron tasks’ fatal errors and get them displayed in the log
    • Performance stats: This analytics tool shows you how much time and memory was needed for each event in your WP-Cron
    • Debugging tool: Thanks to this tool, you can easily get and save all the information you need about cron events. Spotting errors and removing bugs from the code has never been easier!
    • Notification plugin integration: Get email notifications about failed event executions.

A tested and reliable solution

430,000+ installations Average rating 4.7/5

We’ve made sure to give you all the support and flexibility you need to try Advanced Cron Manager with no risk:

    • 14-day money-back guarantee
    • 1 year of Support and Updates
    • Transferable license
    • 3 licenses to choose from based on your needs
    • Cancel anytime

Money-Back Guarantee

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  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Saves at least 1 hour of professional developer work
  • 1 year of Support and Updates
  • Transferable license
  • Billed yearly
  • Cancel anytime