§1 General Provisions

  1. These regulations are reffered later as „Regulations”. The Regulations are the rules for the use of the online store available at bracketspace.localhost,  reffered later as „Online Shop”.
  2. Online Shop is run by company underDEV Jakub Mikita registered in Poland, having: address of the principal place of business at ul. Kielecka 124, 26-130 Suchedniów, VATID PL663-184-75-13, REGON 362325196 and email adress: hello@bracketspace.com,  reffered later as the „Shop Administrator”.
  3. These Regulations are for any existing person or company, reffered later as the Client, who is interested in using the Online Shop. By buying, Client agree to the Regulations.
  4. All prices listed in the Online Shop are provided in US Dollars ($) and prices excludes VAT tax.
  5. Administrator of the personal data is Jakub Mikita who is running a Company underDEV Jakub Mikita, reffered later as a Service Provider. All personal informations are used only for processing the Orders. Providing the personal informations by Customer is voluntary. Every Custmer has right to correct his data.


§2 Products

  1. In the Online Shop you can buy a computer software („Plugins”) and services („Services”) named together as the „Products”.
  2. Plugins source code is licenced under GNU GPL 3.
  3. Bought license may be used within one WordPress instance within one year unless stated otherwise.
  4. Client can move the license to another WordPress instance after deactivaing it on the previous one.
  5. Client has the right to update the Plugins for free while bought license is valid.


§3 Technical Support

  1. Technical support is provided only when Client has valid purchase of Support product.
  2. Support is provided via any valid social media, email or ticketing system available in Client’s Account.


§4 Making the orders

  1. To make an order you must provide all mandatory informations listed on the Checkout page.
  2. After making an Order Client will get an email on the provided email address from the Online Shop with Order confirmation.
  3. Invoice for the purchase is sent with Order confirmation and it’s avilable in Client’s Account.


§5 Payments and the procedure of buying

  1. Products may be purchased using PayPal.
  2. If Order will be not paid within 5 days it will be cancelled.
  3. Order will be processed immediately after receiving the payment.
  4. Information about downloadable products will be displayed on the Order Confirmation screen and send to the provided email in Order confirmation email.
  5. VAT invoice will be issued immediately after purchase confirmation. Client is oblligated to provide valid personal data to issue an invoice.


§6 Complaints

  1. Complaints about the ordered Products may be submitted via the contact form on the page https://bracketspace.com/contact/. Complaint should contain the information necessary to identify the order
  2. Claims made by the Customer will be considered within 14 days from the date of their application.
  3. Outcome of the complaint will be sent by email to the Customer’s e-mail address.
  4. Software Complaints will be considered only in reasonable cases, eg.: when a plugin has the bug that prevents its technical operation and it is not possible to repair by the Author.
  5. Client cannot return the Software nor the license.


§7 Technical requirements

  1. Using the Online Shop requires:
    1. Interner access,
    2. Web browser (recommended: Microsoft Internet Explorer since ver. 8.0, Mozilla Firefox since ver. 6.0, Opera since ver. 12.0, Google Chrome since ver. 20.0 and Safari since ver. 5.1)
    3. Having and email address.
  2. Client’s browser needs to allow cookies and JavaScript execution.


§8 Copyrights

  1. All photos, their descriptions, and other visual materials or text posted on the Online Shop are the property of Shop Administrator unless indicated otherwise.
  2. Reproduction and distribution in any form materials referred to in paragraph. 1 above without the prior written consent Shop Administrator is forbidden.


§9 Personal data

  1. Administrator of the personal data is Shop Administrator.
  2. Each Customer agrees to receive an e-mails related to the Orders, notices about changes in the present Regulations etc.
  3. Shop Administrator reports that the Client is not obliged to enter their personal data, but the refusal to give them prevents the purchase of Products.
  4. The collected data are protected in accordance with applicable regulations.
  5. The customer at all times have the right to access their personal data and the right to correct them and demand their removal.


§10 Final

  1. Shop Administrator reserves the right to change the provisions of these Regulations.
  2. If changes are made in the Regulations, Online Shop will inform customers about the changes and the date on which they enter into force by publishing the consolidated text of the Regulations on the Online Shop at least 7 days prior to that date.
  3. Orders placed before the entry into force of amendments to Regulations shall be subject to the previously applicable Regulations. The client makes the acceptance made to the Rules of change through the use of the Online Shop after the date of their entry into force. In the absence of acceptance of amendments to the Regulations, the Customer may cancel the use of the Online Shop and demand the removal founded in Online Shop Customer’s account.
  4. In the event of a change or cancellation as a result of a final court decision, any provision of these Regulations, the remaining provisions shall remain in force and binding on the parties.
  5. Shop Administrator reserves the possibility of interruptions in the operation of the Online shop – for maintenance, reconstruction or modernization of the Online Shop. In addition, in the event of downtime Online Shop will post a message information at the Online Shop labeled estimated time limitations in the availability of the page.