Notification PRO

Notification PRO

Create WordPress notifications with our powerful plugins. Endless customization possibilities within easy to use interface. It's dev friendly too!
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Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark

Easy Watermark can automatically add watermark to images as they are uploaded to wordpress media library. Watermark can be an image, text or both.
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Featured Products

Advanced Cron Manager PRO 1

Advanced Cron Manager PRO

It’s your go-to solution to view all events in WP-Cron and gain full control over them!

Notification : Conditionals 2

Notification : Conditionals

The conditional logic which helps you to send only these notifications which really matters. Endless configuration possibilities.

Notification : Custom Fields 3

Notification : Custom Fields

Custom fields and Advanced Custom Fields support. Use any meta value in your notifications with simple to use merge tags.

Notification : Slack 4

Notification : Slack

Integration with the most popular communicator in the world. Send messages to the chosen channel about anything which happened in your WordPress!

Notification : Scheduled Triggers 5

Notification : Scheduled Triggers

Control the precise time when the notification is sent. Useful when you want to create advanced scenarios, you just set the time and let the magic happen.

I’d been experiencing an issue with a plugin and cron, and had no real good way of finding it. Advanced Cron Manager plugin, used in conjunction with the pro version gave me all the info I needed and had the problem resolved in very little time. Support was excellent as well.

Thomas Waters 7

Thomas Waters

Handy add-on works as advertised: plug in, deploy, enjoy! Offering more than enough options, it’s just the matter of easy setup and you’re ready to go.

But most importantly, behind such a good software lies a good person, friendly, pleasant and ready to help. Thanks a bunch Kuba Mikita, wish you all the best!