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At BracketSpace, we sell digital licenses for our GPL licensed code. It’s essential for our customers to understand the VAT (Value Added Tax) implications when making a purchase. Here’s a simple breakdown.

Displayed Prices and VAT

All prices displayed on our website are exclusive of VAT. When applicable, the 23% VAT will increase the total amount to be paid. The final amount, inclusive of VAT, will be shown at the last step of the checkout process for complete transparency.

Who Needs to Pay VAT?

1. B2C Sales (Business-to-Consumer)

If you’re an individual consumer purchasing our digital licenses for personal use or if you’re a business without a valid VAT ID number, you are required to pay a 23% VAT on your purchase.

2. B2B Sales (Business-to-Business) Without a Valid VAT ID

Even if you’re a business, if you don’t provide a valid VAT ID number during your purchase, the 23% VAT will be applied.

Who Doesn’t Need to Pay VAT?

B2B Sales With a Valid VAT ID

If you’re a business purchasing for company purposes and you provide a valid VAT ID number during your transaction, you’re exempted from the 23% VAT. Make sure to input the correct VAT ID during checkout to benefit from this exemption.

Why This Matters

It’s crucial for both individual consumers and businesses to understand these tax implications. Properly understanding and applying VAT ensures compliance with tax regulations and prevents unnecessary additional costs.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact our support team. We’re here to help!


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