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How to schedule WordPress Cron to run on a specific date


WordPress Cron is pretty basic and doesn’t allow for much configuration in terms of schedules. By default, you can run your events with a specific interval, like daily, weekly, or monthly (or with intervals of any amount of seconds, really). There is a tricky way to run your event on a specific hour, day of […]

How to Ensure your WordPress Website Stays Safe in 8 Easy Steps

How to ensure your WordPress website stays safe in 8 easy steps

In today’s online world, your WordPress website isn’t just a spot on the internet. It’s the face of what you do, whether that’s your business, sharing ideas, or showing off your brand. Now, here’s something to think about: every month, thousands of websites get hacked. And it’s not just the big names – even smaller […]

JavaScript Fetch with Basic Auth

JavaScript Fetch with Basic Auth 2

Sometimes it is necessary to use fetch from a server secured with basic auth (very often in case of staging domains), usually, the authorization is done by login and password included within the URL itself: JavaScript may seem pretty obvious: But in case of fetch this is not allowed and will result in an error: […]

Our first free WordPress theme – Pierogi

Our first free WordPress theme - Pierogi 5

We are pretty proficient at writing plugins and have a bunch of them. Now it’s time for a theme! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our first free WordPress theme – Pierogi.

Micropackages – reusable packages for faster development

Micropackages - reusable packages for faster development 7

We at BracketSpace write a lot of code. And the best part is that a lot of this code is the same for each project. We used to copy&paste or create boilerplates like starter themes or plugins to make the work a bit faster and more standardized. Until we came up with Micropackages. What the […]