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Our first free WordPress theme – Pierogi

Our first free WordPress theme – Pierogi

We are pretty proficient at writing plugins and have a bunch of them. Now it’s time for a theme! Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you our first free WordPress theme – Pierogi.

In fact, the theme is now a couple of months old. We’ve just been waiting for the wordpress.org repository approval. And because the queue is long (just as the requirements) and we did miss some things which lead to the theme rejection – we had to wait a couple of additional months. It took almost exactly 3 months to get this theme approved 🤯

Our first free WordPress theme - Pierogi 1

The Pierogi theme has been designed by Katarzyna Mikita, who did an exceptional job here. The theme is simple, clean and Gutenberg compatible.

In fact, this is the theme you can see on this blog!

Why the Pierogi name? Because we are all from Poland and because we can. If you don’t know what it is, shame on you! And you must definitely try it (both theme and the dish).

What’s next? We are planning to do the PRO version as well with some extra Gutenberg blocks, matched with the theme design. Stay tuned! 🤟

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Picture of Kuba Mikita

Kuba Mikita

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Picture of Kuba Mikita

Kuba Mikita

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