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How to run PHPUnit with a database via GitHub Actions

How to run PHPUnit with a database via GitHub Actions

As of March 2020, GitHub seems to remove the default MySQL installation from its ubuntu-latest container. Now it’s required to set up the database service in order to use it.

Because we at BracketSpace are testing our WordPress plugins with PHPUnit it’s required to run them along with the database.

Let me show you how to set up the GitHub workflow file to use multiple PHP versions.

name: Test

on: push

    name: PHPUnit
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
        php: ['7.0', '7.1', '7.2', '7.3', '7.4']
        image: mysql:5.7
          MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root
          MYSQL_DATABASE: wordpress_test
          - 3306
        options: --health-cmd="mysqladmin ping" --health-interval=10s --health-timeout=5s --health-retries=3
    - name: Checkout
      uses: actions/checkout@v2
    - name: Install Composer dependencies
      run: composer install -o --no-progress
    - name: Setup PHP
      uses: shivammathur/setup-php@v1
        php-version: ${{ matrix.php }}
        extensions: dom, curl, libxml, mbstring, zip, pcntl, pdo, sqlite, pdo_sqlite, mysql, mysqli, pdo_mysql, bcmath, soap, intl, gd, exif, iconv, imagick
        coverage: none
    - name: PHPUnit
      run: |
        bin/install-wp-tests.sh wordpress_test root root${{ job.services.mysql.ports['3306'] }} latest true

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • MYSQL_DATABASE env variable will setup the database on startup
  • You have to install Composer dependencies before setting the PHP version or extract the build process to a separate job. Otherwise, make sure the Composer will install or add --ignore-platform-reqs
  • You have to connect to MySQL at instead localhost. Otherways it may try to connect via socket, which won’t be available
  • GitHub randomly assigns the external port for services, access it with ${{ job.services.mysql.ports['3306'] }}

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Picture of Kuba Mikita

Kuba Mikita

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Picture of Kuba Mikita

Kuba Mikita

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