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Notification : Digest

Notification : Digest

Create notification and alert compilations according to your own preferences, weekly, monthly, custom.

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Notification: Digest is a tailored solution designed for users who prefer to stay informed about key activities, updates, or interactions on their site without the constant interruption of real-time notifications. 

This extension provides a streamlined approach to receiving notifications, allowing users to receive summaries via email over specified periods, such as daily or weekly. 

It’s an ideal tool for individuals seeking a balance between staying updated and maintaining productivity without the distraction of immediate alerts.

Customizable Digest Schedules

Daily Summaries

Receive a concise email summary of the previous day’s activities each morning. This daily digest ensures you start your day informed of any important updates, without sifting through individual notifications.

Weekly Summaries

Opt for a weekly email that provides a comprehensive overview of the week’s activities. This option is perfect for users who prefer a less frequent update but still wish to keep a pulse on significant interactions and developments.

Tailored Content

Customize the content of your digests to include the information most relevant to you. Whether it’s updates from specific site sections, notifications about particular interactions, or alerts on crucial activities, Notification : Digest lets you tailor your summaries to fit your needs.

Custom Schedule Summaries

Whether you’re interested in daily, bi-weekly, or monthly summaries, or even a unique cadence like every three days or ten days, we’ve got you covered. Perfect solution for those who have varying schedules or want to align their updates with specific times of the month or week for strategic planning. 

Reduced Distractions with Notifications: Digest

Notification : Digest is the perfect solution for users looking for a more efficient and less intrusive way to stay informed about their online platforms. 

Offering customizable, scheduled summaries, ensures that you can remain productive while still keeping abreast of important updates and activities.

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