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Notification : Discord

Notification : Discord

Integration with an awesome voice chat communicator for gamers.

Share updates and posts with your Discord community

Boost engagement

Set up in minutes

Combine with any trigger

Do you want to reach gamers? Integrate your WordPress with Discord, and let the game begin!

  • Works with any trigger
  • All you need is to create a webhook for any channel in your team
  • Create notifications for other gamers

Discord extension

Probably every gamer has heard about Discord. It’s a free text and voice communication app for gamers. Now, thanks to our extension, you can easily integrate this app with your WordPress and create notifications for other gamers.

Invite other gamers to your serverCreate all sorts of notificationsStreamline posting WP updates

Do you host gaming tournaments or simply play with others online? With this extension, you can create notifications for other players and invite them to your server.

Connect your WP to your Discord server and keep all other gamers up to speed by sending various notifications (automated messages and data updates) to a text channel in your server.

Sharing updates about your company and website on Discord is time-consuming. With this extension, you can easily streamline the process and keep everyone updated.

Notification : Discord 1
Notification : Discord 2

Possible use cases

With the Discord extension, you keep everyone on your team/server updated. You can create and share notifications about new:

  • Blog posts and their updates
  • Subpages/aspects of your offer
  • Authors, comments, or links

And more! Our extension works with any trigger, so you can create notifications about almost anything you want! This extension comes with an intuitive creator that will help you set and create notifications for your target audience.

A tested and reliable solution

10,000+ installations of the Notification pluginAverage rating 4.9/5

We’ve made sure to give you all the support and flexibility you need to try our Discord extension at no risk:

  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • 1 year of support and updates
  • Transferable license
  • Access billed annually
  • Cancel anytime

Billed annually


  • Added
    Color validation.


  • Changed
    Plugin codebase to match Notification v8 internal API.
  • Fixed
    Encoding of the special characters.


  • Fixed
    Empty embed being sent when no fields are defined.


  • Changed
    Vendor relative path to absolute path.
  • Changed
    Version 7 compatibility.


  • Added
    Image field (big image for the embed).


  • Added
    Webhook fields character limits.


  • Changed
    Notification v6.0.0 compatibility.


  • Fixed
    Empty field value which was causing the 400 error.
  • Added
    Footer text and icon support.


  • Fixed
    HTML entities are now decoded before sending the webhook.


  • Added
    Embed color setting field.


  • Added
    Bot name/avatar fields as a default webhook setting override.
  • Added
    Author URL/avatar fields.
  • Added
    Embed thumbnail field.


  • Fixed
    Wrong message conditional caused the notification need both content and embed.
  • Added
    notification/discord/webhook/sent action.


  • Fixed
    Content is not attached if not needed.
  • Changed
    If no content nor embed is available, webhook fails silently.


  • Changed
    Plugin class autoloader.
  • Changed
    Base plugin check.
  • Fixed
    Embed is not attached if not needed (only content sent).


  • Initial release.
  • PHP: 7.4 or greater
  • WordPress: 4.9 or greater
  • Notification plugin

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Notification : Discord

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