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Notification : Easy Digital Downloads

Notification : Easy Digital Downloads

Take control of Easy Digital Download notifications and rewrite them according to your needs.

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Worth waiting for Notification: Easy Digital Downloads plugin is set to be a useful addition for WordPress users in the digital sales domain. This new plugin extension is designed to seamlessly integrate with the widely acclaimed Notification plugin, enriching the Easy Digital Downloads ecosystem with advanced notification capabilities. 

The integration emphasizes a frictionless user experience, enabling vendors to leverage a broad spectrum of customizable triggers and alerts tailored specifically for digital product management and sales.

Seamless Integration with Notification Plugin

Core Notification Plugin Compatibility

The Easy Digital Downloads extension is built to work effortlessly with the core Notification plugin available on WordPress.org. This integration ensures that vendors can utilize a powerful, flexible system for managing notifications across their digital stores without the need for complex configurations or custom coding.

Extended Functionality with Notification PRO

For those seeking even more advanced features, the extension’s compatibility with Notification PRO opens up a world of possibilities. Notification PRO enhances the core functionalities with premium features such as conditional logic, additional notification channels, and more comprehensive customization options, making it an invaluable tool for vendors aiming to maximize their digital store’s efficiency and customer engagement.

Key Features of Notification: Easy Digital Downloads 

Advanced Trigger-Based Notifications

Building on the core Notification plugin’s foundation, the Easy Digital Downloads extension introduces specialized triggers related to digital sales activities, including:

  • Download Added to Cart
  • Download Removed from Cart
  • Download Updated
  • Download Added
  • Order Failed
  • Order Refunded
  • New Order
  • Order Updated
  • License Expired
  • Subscription Payment Received
  • Subscription Payment Failed
  • Subscription Cancelled

These triggers are meticulously designed to provide vendors with immediate insights and notifications, ensuring they stay informed about every critical action within their store.

Benefits you cannot miss

Unmatched Operational Efficiency

Vendors can automate a wide range of notifications, from customer actions to product updates, by harnessing the combined power of the Notification plugin and the Easy Digital Downloads extension. This streamlines their operations and frees up valuable time to focus on growth and customer service.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

The integration enables vendors to craft personalized communication strategies, leveraging Notification PRO’s advanced features to engage customers effectively, improve their shopping experience, and boost retention rates.

Comprehensive Notification Management

With support for multiple notification channels—such as email, Slack, SMS, and webhooks—vendors have unparalleled control over how they communicate with their customers and team. This is coupled with the enhanced capabilities offered by Notification PRO, ensuring that every message is timely, relevant, and impactful.


The upcoming release of Notification: Easy Digital Downloads, with its seamless integration with the Notification plugin and the extended capabilities provided by Notification PRO, represents a significant leap forward in digital product sales and management on WordPress. 

This synergy promises to offer vendors a powerful, intuitive solution to enhance their digital storefronts, improve operational efficiency, and elevate the customer experience to new heights.

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