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Notification : Webhooks

Notification : Webhooks

Send notifications and add WordPress posts using incoming webhooks. This extension will make it nice and easy!

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Seamless Integration and Real-Time Automation with Notification extension

Notification: Webhooks revolutionizes how your WordPress site communicates with external services. By enabling bi-directional webhooks, this extension offers unparalleled flexibility and control, allowing you to create custom integration scenarios and react instantly to various events.

Notification : Webhooks 1

Tailor-Made Data Transmission

With Notification: Webhooks, configuring outgoing webhooks is a breeze. You gain the ability to customize form fields and craft advanced JSON structures, complete with merge tags for dynamic data insertion. This flexibility ensures your data perfectly aligns with external service requirements, enhancing the efficiency of your integrations.

  • Customizable Fields: Create forms with fields tailored to your specific needs, ensuring precise data transmission.
  • Advanced JSON Configuration: Utilize merge tags within JSON to dynamically inject data, offering a level of customization that meets even the most complex requirements.
  • ‘Carriers’ Settings: Directly within the plugin’s ‘Carriers’ section, adjust and fine-tune your outgoing webhooks for optimal performance.
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Automate Your Response to External Events

Automate your WordPress site’s responses to external triggers with incoming webhooks. Simply add a notification with the incoming webhook trigger to generate a unique webhook address. This address can then receive requests, triggering actions like email notifications or WordPress post creations based on the incoming data.

  • Effortless Webhook Creation: Generate webhook addresses with a click, streamlining your setup process.
  • Versatile Applications: Use incoming requests to trigger various actions, from posting content to sending personalized emails, enhancing user engagement and content relevance.

Possible use case:

  1. First, you add a Notification with the Incoming webhook trigger, which will generate the webhook address
  2. Then a request is sent to the generated address, e.g. example.com/wp-json/notification/v1/webhook/notification_fu45eyn8sa64/93y5n76gni7w6tfcw3fyt
  3. In Notification, you can send someone an e-mail based on this request or add a WordPress post

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