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Notification : Popups & Banners

Notification : Popups & Banners

Engage users in real-time with banner notifications, popups, and modals on your WordPress site. Easy-to-use creator in Notification pannel!

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Online Engagement Plugin for WordPress 

The Notification: Popups & Banners plugin is a direct response to the need to actively engage customers on your site. It significantly increases sales by ensuring that every visitor interaction is an opportunity to convert. 

We know notifications like few others, and we know that including personalized, dynamic notifications is an essential asset for any WordPress site focused on growth and customer engagement.  Look forward to the plugin’s release with us and add the product to your wishlist. 

Notifications at your Fingertips

Dynamic Displays for Every Occasion

Whether you’re announcing a sale, gathering feedback, or guiding users through your site, our plugin delivers. With an array of customizable banners, modals, and popups, your messages will not just be seen—they’ll make an impact.

Personalization that Powers Conversion

Dive into the versatility of dynamic variables and tailor your messages to reflect your users’ journey. Use the merge tags available with Notification and create dynamic content based on your site’s assets. Add a personal touch that elevates your notifications from simple popups to meaningful interactions.

Minimalism that Delights

Your brand is unique, and your notifications should be too. With easy-to-use tools for adding images, selecting a few color schemes, and inserting concise snippets, crafting eye-catching notifications has never been simpler.

Insightful Analytics for Better Decisions

Optimize with Confidence

Discover which notifications captivate your audience with our comprehensive tracking and analysis tools. Understand your users’ preferences and adjust your strategy for maximum engagement.

Targeted Messages for Every Audience

Segmentation capabilities allow you to deliver relevant messages to specific groups within your audience. Elevate your marketing strategy by targeting users with precision and purpose.

Seamless Integration with Notification PRO

Unlock even more potential by integrating with Notification PRO by BracketSpace. Schedule notifications based on user actions or time triggers and extend your reach through popular platforms like Slack, Mailgun, and Discord.

Be Among the First to Experience Innovation

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to redefine how you interact with your audience online. Sign up for our wishlist today and be the first to access Notification: Popups & Banners under special conditions. Elevate your website’s engagement strategy and watch your conversion rates soar.

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