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Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress Plugin Development

Hire us to do custom development for you

We are not a bunch of random developers who just get to know WordPress and can put a few PHP snippets together. We know stuff and we’ve been around for a while now, specializing in WordPress development and catching up to dynamically changing front-end technologies.

Now, you can use our knowledge to make your idea come true.

4.7 / 5 average plugin rate on WordPress.org (280+ reviews)


Custom WordPress Plugins We Can Create

We can deliver a custom solution for you, encapsulated within a WordPress plugin. This means no matter what theme you’ll be using in the future – it will work.

It can be anything, starting from a custom integration with a 3rd-party service you’re using and ending on custom systems that run your business or are a core feature of your website.

We can create any plugin, not only one that integrates with our existing plugins.


Integrations with existing plugins like payment gateways or connections between services

Internal plugins

Internal helper plugins distributed among your user base, like checklists or service connectors.

Free Plugins

Free plugins intended to be put in the WordPress.org repository, easily extendible, and prepared to become a freemium product.

Premium Plugins

Ready to be distributed via a selected channel. We have a great experience in this area by building our own premium plugins

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Our Experience With WordPress Plugin Development

We have over 6 years of experience doing WordPress development daily.

40+ Plugins

Fully custom-built websites on top of WordPress

100+ Websites

Fully custom-built websites on top of WordPress

You can see our WordPress.org Profile page and Github repositories to see how do we communicate and what code we produce.

The website you’re reading this text is our official store with WordPress plugins, where we sell our products.

The great code quality, UX, and documentation lead to a significantly lower number of incoming support requests compared to other plugin authors.

We also started our side project – Micropackages – to ease our (and other developers’) lives. This is a set of Composer and NPM packages we use to create easy to maintain and tested code.

Outstanding Support! I cannot rate Jakub and his team enough. They go above and beyond.

How Do We Work

Modern Development in WordPress

We’re adopting modern web development standards to the WordPress reality so we can take the best from both worlds.

Coding Standards

Tech-debt-free code is super important, and this is why we’re super strict in terms of the internal review and code standards.


We ensure our work is meaningful, so we’re automating error-prone tasks like deploys or builds with Github Actions.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development 2


1. We discuss the project specifics to discover if we’re a good fit
2. We sign the contract where the final cost and projected delivery date is specified
3. You’re paying for the invoice
4. We’re doing the design/development
5. We’re going through the UAT process (User Acceptance Testing) until you’re happy with the result
6. We’re passing over all the deliverables

It depends on multiple factors, including how promptly you can respond to any of our questions, but you should book at least one week for a small plugin, a month for medium, and at least two months for a custom system.

The prices start at 2000 USD for a small integration plugin (ie. sending the data to the API of an external service or exporting data to a file). Large plugins like standalone products will cost 20.000 USD+, depending on the requirements.

We’re accepting wire transfers to our US bank account or credit card payments via our Store. All payments are processed in USD.

100% upfront payment is required to kick off the development process.

At a minimum, we’re delivering two zip packages:
– Plugin source files (files under version control)
– Built plugin, ready to be installed

Additionally, on your request, we can transfer over the Github repository to your organization.

If we’re creating any designs, you’ll get a copy of the Figma project (.fig file) as well.

Yes, we’re standing behind the product we create, and we’re fully supporting it in case of any issues or questions.

The guarantee expires after six months after the delivery date.

We can offer second-line technical support services at a monthly fee starting from $1000/month.

More questions?

Contact us to find out more and discuss your project.

Plugins developed for our clients

See below examples of plugins we created for our clients.

Custom WordPress Plugin Development 3

Internal plugin created for the hosting company

Custom WordPress Plugin Development 4

Created for Notification plugin user with consent for reselling

Custom WordPress Plugin Development 5

Created for Notification plugin user with consent for reselling

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