The BracketSpace is always open to hear new ideas and see our products being used to do awesome projects. But sometimes you want something that doesn’t exist yet and we hear you.

We are just a bunch of people who love to write code

It’s very cool to listen to your ideas and implement them. So why don’t we work together on a solution that will suit you?

We are WordPress experts who can do very advanced custom work for you, including:

  • Custom Notification extensions
  • Integrations with various APIs
  • Entire systems and websites

The cost

We are pricing every job individually, but the estimations are free. Let us know what your needs are and we’ll suggest you the best approach and optimize the cost for you.

50% off for custom development

In many cases, you can pay just 50% of the development price without doing anything. Why?

If you want a WordPress plugin, Notification extension, custom theme to be made which could be wanted by other people, we are willing to share the development cost. We just need a consent from you to put the product in our store.

You are getting a full, unlimited, lifetime license for the thing you sponsored.

We successfully implemented this approach doing the Notification : Scheduled Triggers and Notification : Review Queue plugins.