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Notification : Review Queue

Notification : Review Queue

Manually review notifications your WordPress is sending having the control over the rendered content and recipients after all the merge tags are replaced with a real content.

Review notifications before sending

Select the notifications that need reviewing

Works perfectly with Custom Fields and Conditionals

Route selected notifications to the Review Queue for precise oversight of the displayed content.

  • Decide what notification has to be caught in the review.
  • Bulk manage notifications.
  • Edit the message and recipients before sending.

Your approval system

Review Queue is a powerful extension to the WordPress Notification Plugin. Sometimes specific messages require human approval, and that’s why the Review Queue is here. Create your own review and approve system for WordPress notifications.

Granular control

By simply adding notification scenarios to the Review Queue, you can expand your control over already existing Notification Plugin’s solutions.

Notification : Review Queue 1

Edit, approve, send

Edit contents and add/remove recipients in the dedicated Review Queue menu. After fine-tuning, simply send the message.

Notification : Review Queue 2

Bulk manage

To make your life even easier, you can bulk edit and manage notifications caught in the review.
Notification : Review Queue 3

A part of the Notification Plugin

The Review Queue extension is a part of Notification Plugin’s ecosystem of apps, which can be combined for your specific needs. This extension works perfectly with Custom Fields and Conditionals, and it handles not only email but every other notification type too! No third-party apps, no coding – just a fast and simple WordPress notification solution!


Billed annually


  • Fixed
    Incompatibility with Conditionals extension.


  • Fixed
    Bulk item processing that didn't remove the item from queue.


  • Changed
    Plugin codebase to match Notification v8 internal API.
  • Fixed
    Compatibility with Email based carriers like Mailgun or Sendgrid.
  • Fixed
    An issue with catching notifications when they were triggered by non-admin user.
  • Removed
    notification_review_queue_add_table_column function, use BracketSpace\Notification\ReviewQueue\Admin\QueuePost::add_table_column() instead.
  • Removed
    notification_review_queue_get_number function, use BracketSpace\Notification\ReviewQueue\Core\QueueManager::count() instead.


  • Fixed
    Compatibility with Conditionals plugin.


  • Fixed
    Bug where saving the Queue item had enabled all the Carriers.


  • Changed
    Notifiaction v7 compatibility.


  • Fixed
    Notification being caught in the queue, even if it shouldn't be sent already (ie. because of conditions not met).


  • Changed
    Vendor relative path to absolute path.
  • Fixed
    Styles for other Email compatible Carriers like Mailgun or SendGrid.


  • Changed
    Notification v6.1.0 compat.


  • Changed
    Notification v6.0.0 compat.
  • Changed
    Filter notification/notification-review/notification/catched_data has been changed to notification/review_queue/notification/caught action. Whole notification is being caught, not just the Carrier.
  • Removed
    notification_review_queue_get_last_item function.


  • Fixed
    Use local Requirements class
  • Fixed
    Fatal error when Email notification is deactivated
  • Added
    Support for other Email-like notifications: Mailgun and SendGrid


  • Fixed
    PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fixed
    WordPress Coding Standards compatibility


  • Added
    notification_review_queue_add_table_column function


  • Initial release
  • PHP: 7.4 or greater
  • WordPress: 4.9 or greater
  • Notification plugin

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