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Notification : BuddyPress 

Notification : BuddyPress 

This free plugin empowers WordPress creators to seamlessly streamline friendships, group activities, and overall communication within their community.

Deepen member connections

Integrates smoothly with WordPress

Customize alerts for segments

This tool turns every site activity into an opportunity for engagement, from updates on activities to managing friendships and group interactions, ensuring your community stays connected and well-informed.

Discover the transformative power of personalized communication with the Notification : BuddyPress plugin, a free extension designed specifically for WordPress creators looking to boost engagement within their BuddyPress community. Deepen Community Connections.

Personalized Communication Strategies

With the Notification : BuddyPress plugin, you can create targeted notifications to foster an ongoing dialogue, deepening the ties within your community through personalized communication strategies. This is crucial in the world of online communities, where maintaining a sense of connection and belonging is key.

Seamless WordPress Integration

Designed to seamlessly integrate with WordPress, this extension enhances your ability to send notifications, thereby increasing interaction and improving overall communication within your community.

Available Triggers for Enhanced Engagement

Friendship and Group Interactions


  • Friendship request
  • Friendship request accepted
  • Friendship deleted


  • Group created
  • Group details updated
  • Group settings updated
  • Group deleted
  • Group user invited
  • Group user uninvited
  • Group user join
  • Group user leave
  • Group member removed
  • Group member banned
  • Group member unbanned
  • Group member promoted
  • Group member demoted
  • Group membership requested
  • Group membership accepted
  • Group membership rejected

Activity Updates

  • Activity added
  • Activity deleted
  • Activity added to favorites
  • Activity adding to favorites failed
  • Activity removed from favorites

This plugin also integrates with the BuddyPress notification system, allowing for effective distribution of notifications within your website.

Customize Notifications for Diverse Recipients

Use Notification as You Wish 

With the Notification plugin, you can create custom notifications for your site’s entire audience, specific groups of subscribers, or site administrators and editors. This flexibility makes it an indispensable tool for engaging your community and managing your community’s moderator base.

Unlock More with Notification PRO

Multiple extensions included within one bundle

For those looking to further enhance their community engagement, Notification PRO offers access to over 16 extensions, enabling endless customization and distribution scenarios. With PRO, you can send tailored emails, SMS, push notifications, and leverage various integrations for time-sensitive or conditional messages, fully exploiting the WordPress notification capabilities.

The Notification : BuddyPress plugin offers WordPress creators a powerful tool to enhance communication and engagement within their BuddyPress community. By leveraging this plugin, you can ensure that your community remains vibrant, connected, and informed.


Billed annually


Plugin codebase to match Notification v8 internal API.


BuddyPress Notification Carrier which wasn't displaying the notifications.


Version 7 compatibility.

  • PHP: 7.4 or greater
  • WordPress: 4.9 or greater

Save up to $600 / year with Notification : PRO

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Notification : PRO
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Notification : BuddyPress 

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Single site license

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Support & Updates

Top-notch support backed by amazing reviews. Future updates of plugin and extensions.

Access to all Notification extensions

Purchasing a license grants you access to all current and future notifications for free.

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