Advanced Cron Manager PRO 1

Advanced Cron Manager PRO

It’s your go-to solution to view all events in WP-Cron and gain full control over them!

Notification : Conditionals 2

Notification : Conditionals

The conditional logic which helps you to send only these notifications which really matters. Endless configuration possibilities.

Notification : Custom Fields 3

Notification : Custom Fields

Custom fields and Advanced Custom Fields support. Use any meta value in your notifications with simple to use merge tags.

Notification : Push 6

Notification : Push

Allow your website visitors to subscribe to browser push notifications. No 3rd party service required.

Notification : Twilio 9

Notification : Twilio

Send notifications to mobile phones with this awesome extension! Twilio integration allows you to send SMS notifications effortlessly.

Notification : Pushbullet 10

Notification : Pushbullet

Send Push and SMS notifications without a hassle with this Pushbullet integration. Easy instant messages on your phone!

Notification : Slack 11

Notification : Slack

Integration with the most popular communicator in the world. Send messages to the chosen channel about anything which happened in your WordPress!

Notification : Scheduled Triggers 12

Notification : Scheduled Triggers

Control the precise time when the notification is sent. Useful when you want to create advanced scenarios, you just set the time and let the magic happen.