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Notification : PRO 1

Notification : PRO

Powerful go-to solution for those who want total control. It works with all Triggers and Notification types! Endless possibilities to control what’s sent and what’s not.

Effortless setup, exceptional results

Endless possibilities to send custom alerts

+16 Extensions that allow you to do more

Notifications done PRO

There are precisely no limits when you combine our powerful Notification PRO WordPress Plugin with extensions. Would you like to send specific messages between 10:00 and 10:01 AM? Engage WooCommerce customers? Popups, Slack and Discord messages, Mailgun integration? No problem! Notification PRO gives you abilities of 16 extensions, and more to come.

All-in-one Bundle

We’ve created 16 extensions to suit not only the popular notification needs, but to suit the most specific ones. Now, with Notification PRO, there are all at your disposal. Define your problem, customize the solution and deploy in minutes.

Customizable and super-easy create

The easy-to-use and developer-friendly WordPress notification system provided by Notification Plugin is now even more powerful with Notification PRO. Create custom scenarios to replace generic WordPress emails with a few clicks.

Any message, advanced scenarios

You can combine one, two, or all of the 16 Notifications Plugin’s extensions to create limitless solutions. Wonder why your Cron event is not executing? Just use the logger extension. And it’s just the tip of the iceberg…

Notification : PRO 2
Notification : PRO 3

What’s included?

Every WordPress notification scenario is covered with Notification PRO all-in-one bundle. Plan, create, fine-tune, schedule and deploy your WordPress notifications in minutes!

All-in-one Bundle with 16 extensions

like Scheduled Triggers, Conditionals, WooCommerce, Discord and many, many more

The most sophisticated notifications systems you can imagine

trusted by over 10 000 WordPress users

Don’t miss a thing and access all current and future extensions

with Notifications PRO yearly plan

Custom WordPress notifications

Don’t get overwhelmed with possibilities – the Notification Plugin user interface is simple and intuitive, so you can develop and deploy your solution in a few minutes. We provide top-notch support, included in the bundle, and a vast documentation. Power users and developers will appreciate the flexibility of extensions for even more granular control.

Notifiaction : PRO Highlights

Do even more and gain superpowers from 16+ extensions with all future updates!

Easy to use for everyone

Doesn’t require any coding knowledge to be set. All can be configured on a well-designed admin screen.

Create, combine and deploy custom solutions to serve your needs.

Our plugins are developer-friendly and has a powerful API for endless customization.

We are happy to help and we do this very well. Just check our ratings and testimonials.

Choose from the growing list of 16+ extensions, combine them to create personalized automation scenarios.

“Micropackage” is a collection of open-source repositories with reusable code for inclusion in WordPress plugins and themes

Trusted by over 10 000 users

Save up to $600 / year with Notification : PRO

Choose Notification : PRO for 16+ extensions and future updates! All-in-one solution for every WordPress need.

Notification : PRO 4

Notification : PRO All-In Bundle

$299  / YEAR

25 sites license

Perfect for Agencies and Developers, tailored for extensive plugin use

Support & Updates

Top-notch support backed by amazing reviews. Future updates of plugin and extensions.

Access to all Notification extensions

Purchasing a license grants you access to all current and future notifications for free.

14-day money-back guarantee

No questions asked – if any of the plugins or extensions don’t fit your needs, you have 14 days of money-back guarantee.

Secure payments

With a secure payments system, you can be sure that your data is managed in a responsible way.

Cancel anytime

No strings attached, you can cancel your subscription anytime.

WordPress Plugins that get the job done

With years of experience creating client websites, we bring our experience to functional WordPress plugins.

Easy to use for everyone

Regardless of experience level, you can easily use our products.

Top-notch Support included

We treat our clients seriously and focus heavily on support. Reviews backs this up!

Extensible and developer friendly

You're the same developer as we are. Our code is clean and extensible, just the way you like.