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Discover powerful plugins, automate processes, and extend the capabilities of your WordPress page!

Notification : Twilio

Send notifications to mobile phones with this awesome extension! Twilio integration allows you to send SMS notifications effortlessly.

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Notification : Push

Allow your website visitors to subscribe to browser push notifications. No 3rd party service required.

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Notification : Email Attachments

File attachments are always difficult to set up in WordPress, but not anymore!

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Notification : File Log

Save notifications as log files on your server. Perfect for those who want total control over their WordPress.

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Notification : Pushbullet

Send Push and SMS notifications without a hassle with this Pushbullet integration. Easy instant messages on your phone!

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Notification : Pushover

Send Push notification to any of your devices registered in Pushover.

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Notification : AppPresser

Send Push messages to all your App users or selected ones.

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Email Templates

Stop sending these ugly plain text emails, wrap them into beautiful, configurable templates!

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Notification : Subscriptions

Create multiple subscription lists and display the sign-up forms on the front-end with this amazing extension!

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Notification : Facebook

Send new Facebook posts each time something happens in your WordPress!

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Notification : Twitter

Send new Tweets each time something happens in your WordPress!

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Notification : Easy Digital Downloads

Take control of Easy Digital Download notifications and rewrite them according to your needs.

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More power to you

We build tools to streamline tasks, automate steps, and empower WordPress users. From our highly rated Notification Plugin, Advanced Cron Manager, to Easy Watermark, we aim to enhance what you can achieve with WordPress.


Our solutions share common traits: user-friendly, quick, and adaptable. Need more options? With Notification: PRO, you can utilize 16+ extensions for customized WordPress automation solutions.


The Advanced Cron Manager: PRO allows you to adjust, add, reschedule, and remove WP-Cron events. Easy Watermark enables automatic watermarking of newly added images or manual watermarking of existing ones in the WordPress media library.

Easy to use for everyone

Doesn’t require any coding knowledge to be set. All can be configured on a well-designed admin screen.

Our plugins are developer-friendly and has a powerful API for endless customization.

We are happy to help and we do this very well. Just check our ratings and testimonials.

Create, combine and deploy custom solutions to serve your needs.

Save up to $600 / year with Notification : PRO

Choose Notification : PRO for 16+ extensions and future updates! All-in-one solution for every WordPress need.

"Best Notifications plug-in available along with our use of the flexible Conditions extension made for an outstanding experience with this company."
nkoltys (@nkoltys)

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Notification: PRO extensions work seamlessly with each other. Combine extensions to create a perfect automation scenario.

16+ extensions and still growing!

Future-proof updates

Money and time-saving solution