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  • 14-day money-back guarantee
  • Safe place to download the plugin
  • Updates including new features and bugfixes
  • Billed annually
  • Cancel anytime
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  • Covers all our products
  • You don't buy it until you need it
  • Billed monthly
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  • The license allows to get updates automatically for one year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why the support is sold separately?

We know that not everyone needs a support and wants to pay for it. This is part of our Mission Statement.

What if I don’t buy the support but I’ll need it later?

You can purchase it anytime! That means you can hold on and spend your money only when you really need to.

Do I have to buy the support for each product separately?

No! After purchasing the support you are covered with all our products! The viability of the support, however, lasts for a month.

Do you offer a refund in case I change my mind?

Yes, we are offering a refund if you reach out to us within 14 days after the purchase. All we’d like to know is how we can make our products better and why it didn’t work for you.