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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the pricing change affects my current subscription?

No! As long you keep your subscription active you keep your locked price and your licenses will keep working.

The only thing that affects you is the Support change. It’s included within your old pricing now, no more additional costs!

If you feel like the new pricing is a better deal for you, please reach out and we’ll figure it out! If not, you can keep the old pricing.

What does 5/10/25 sites license mean?

That you can activate the license on 5/10/25 domains. For these you’ll get automatic updates and support.

Will development domains count toward my limit?

No, all the subdomains like dev., stage., or TLDs like .local, .localhost are excluded from the limit and you can activate the license on them.

What’s included within the price?

The above prices include 1 year of updates and support service.

Can I cancel?

To get uninterrupted service we suggest keeping the subscription active, but if for any reason you want to cancel, you can do that from your account.

Even if you cancel, your license keys will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, we are offering a refund if you reach out to us within 14 days after the purchase. We’d like to know how we can make our products better and why they didn’t work for you. Check the refund policy.

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